DiamaPro® UV Cured Coatings-The Perfect Solution for Your Aviation Hangar Floor

DiamaPro® UV Cured Coatings-The Perfect Solution for Your Aviation Hangar Floor


It has been determined throughout the aviation industry that Skydrol® LD-4 is very detrimental to many floor coating systems. Swelling, delamination and discoloration are a few of the effects it has on these systems. DiamaPro® UV HS Plus has been tested by an independent testing laboratory per ASTM D1308-13 for 14 days showing no observed effects. A copy of the test report is available for review. 


DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus coating for concrete was tested to evaluate the effects of Eastman Skydrol® LD-4 airplane hydraulic fluid on concrete coated with DiamaPro UV HS Plus. Skydrol® one of the most caustic chemicals for concrete had no observable effects from a 7, 10 and 14 day testing period.

Skydrol Test

DiamaPro UV-HS Plus was tested against the effects of Skydrol®, one of the most caustic chemicals for concrete. There were no observable effects from a 14 day testing period.

  • Aesthetic Advantages

DiamaPro UV HS Plus is a clear, single component protective coating for concrete floors that cures instantly with a UV light. Diamapro UV HS Plus enhances the gloss level of your floor by filling in the pore structure of the concrete reducing light refraction. In addition, DiamaPro UV HS Plus increases the effect of concrete dyes creating a large spectrum of color options.

  • Cure Speed

DiamaPro UV Systems cure immediately upon exposure to a portable ultraviolet light source. It eliminates the cure time entailed with conventional coatings, which may range from 24 to 48 hours or more. Floors may be prepped, cured and put back into service overnight, on weekends, or during a single 8-hour work shift.

  • Long-Term Durability

Diamapro UV HS Plus has been specially formulated to provide excellent durability and scratch resistance. With general maintenance, an extended service life can be expected from a DiamaPro UV protected floor in heavily trafficked areas.

  • Rejuvenation Process

Restoring a Diamapro floor is easy and quick. Simply screen the floor using a Diamapro Diama-Screen, apply another coat of Diamapro UV HS Plus, and cure. No removal of the initial application is required.

  • Maintenance

DiamaPro Systems’ coatings are impervious to cleaners and do not become slippery after cleaning. Cleaning agents may be selected according to the contaminant to be removed and will not compromise the DiamaPro UV coating.

  • Safety

DiamaPro UV HS Plus System has a low VOC content of 3.0 g/l; well below the strictest state regulations in the United States. Inhalation and flammability hazards are essentially non-existent. The cured surface meets National Floor Safety Institute certifications for coefficient of friction, ensuring pedestrian safety.

  • Installation and Support

DiamaPro UV HS Plus offers the flexibility to be cured at any temperature, requires no primer coat, and has an extremely long shelf life. Certified DiamaPro UV Systems installers are available nationwide. Comprehensive, hands-on factory training in surface preparation, coating application and curing ensures efficient, high quality installation. 

  • Microban® Antimicrobial Technology

Microban® Antimicrobial Technology is infused into DiamaPro UV HS Plus during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of damaging bacteria, as well as inhibit stains and odors caused by bacteria. 


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