DiamaGuard HG

DiamaPro DiamaGuard HG is a proprietary water-borne breathable semi-film forming sealer for polished concrete. It helps protect polished surfaces against stains and etching while providing an attractive level of gloss.

DiamaPro DiamaGuard HG forms a water-resistant barrier that minimizes the penetration of liquids into the surface. Liquid-borne staining will be dramatically reduced. Colorful dyes will be protected and retain their original color. Abrasion and chemical resistance have also been enhanced over other polish guard type materials.


  • DiamaPro Guard HG is a semi-film forming near surface stain protector.
  • Formulated to protect polished and dyed concrete from oil and water-borne contaminates.
  • Provides stain protection to enable the contaminate to be remove within a period based on the contaminate.
  • One component and ready to use.
  • Ultraviolet light blocking properties to help retain dye colors.
  • Low VOC (<5 gr/l)
  • Low odor, non-flammable
  • Burnish with 3000 grit or higher diamond impregnated pad
  • Coverage rate is approximately 2,000-2,500 sqft/gal
Available In: Product Number:
5 Gallon DP-DGUARDHG-5
55 Gallon DP-DGUARDHG-55

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