DiamaGuard LG

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DiamaPro DiamaGuard Exceptional Stain Defender is a penetrating non-film-forming stain repellant for dyed and conventional polished concrete. It protects against the penetration of oil and water-borne stains. Most liquids will be blocked from entering the protected surface.

DiamaPro DiamaGuard Exceptional Stain Defender forms a hydrophobic water-repellent barrier that reduces the penetration of liquids into the surface. The gloss of the polished surface will not be altered. The slip coefficient properties will not change.


  • DiamaPro Guard Exceptional Stain Defender is a penetrating stain protector.
  • Will not alter the gloss level of the polished surface
  • Provides protection in residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • 100% breathable – allows water vapor to penetrate while blocking water droplets from penetrating
  • Minimizes the penetrating of oil
  • Will deepen the color of dyes
  • Provides a “window” to remove stain causing liquids
  • Will not alter the slip coefficient of friction of the surface
  • One component – ready to use
  • Coverage rate is approximately 3,000-5,000 sqft/gal
Available in: Product Number:
5 Gallon DP-DGUARDLG-5
55 Gallon DP-DGUARDLG-55