For concrete floors, lamps that emit UV light are passed over the coating to effect drying in fractions of a second. The curing process — called free radical polymerization — occurs as photo initiators in the DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus formulation form free radicals that, in turn, react with acrylate double bonds. 

This reaction causes the molecular weight of the coating to increase through chain reactions. As the molecular weight increases, the coating solidifies. Acrylate molecules in the coating cross link to form multiple double bonds. This cross-linking process results in exceptional hardness and resistance to abrasion, weathering and chemical corrosion.

This extraordinary abrasion assistance, along with the antimicrobial additive, Microban®, creates DiamaPro UV-HS Plus — a UV light-cured protective floor coating with tremendous chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and the prevention of the growth of bacteria.