Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill


The executive management at Chipotle understand how important the aesthetic appeal of their restaurants is to their customers’ dining experience,” said ScottThome, Coating Specialist at DiamaPro Systems, “and they also want to extend the durability and value of their flooring investment."


Consulting with a national flooring contractor, Chipotle’s director of construction chose DiamaPro UV- HS Plus as a coating for the Conway,AR., restaurant, along with 34 other Chipotle locations. After almost three years of heavy service, the Conway floor has the same color, luster and stain-free appeal as the day it was installed.

Thanks to DiamaPro’s instant-curing feature, other trades did not experience significant downtime waiting for chemical curing to occur.Instant curing wasn’t the only benefit that attracted Chipotle to DiamaPro UV-HS Plus- it was also the ability to resist chemical corrosion, stains, odors and microbial growth.

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