Diama-Grind & Seal


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DiamaPro® DiamaGrind & Seal brings out the natural beauty of a ground concrete surface. The final appearance will have a higher gloss while offering protection from staining and abrasion providing an easy-to-clean surface.

DiamaPro® Diama-Grind & Seal is suitable for new or existing concrete floors that have been ground to a suitable level. Ideal for use in commercial, residential, or institutional environments.


  • Dries clear with the glossy “wet look” finish
  • Highlights color variations
  • UV stable non-yellowing formulation
  • Ideal for use on interior surfaces where harsh solvent-based protective systems cannot be tolerated.
  • Seals, protects, and dustproofs.
  • Compatible with most tile and carpet adhesives and can be used to seal other concrete surfaces other than ones that have been ground.