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The SVX2M HEPA Filtered Dust Extractor from Diamapro Systems is 110V with manual filter cleaning. It features two stages of filter cleaning: a cylindrical pre-filter for separating larger particles, and a HEPA filter for each motor to remove the smallest dust particles. Filters are cleaned with a durable, metal hand pulsing system. The dual 110v motors feature individual switches and deliver a theoretical 258CFM and 100 inches of water lift. The rugged design includes a heavy metal frame, ergonomic handles and sturdy casters for easy handling. The SVX2M weighs 108 lbs. and is easy to load and unload at job sites.

Manual Features:

  • Cylindrical pre-filter specifically designed to increase airflow and allow dust to slide off
  • Durable metal jet pulsing system
  • Rugged frame built for construction sites
  • Strong casters with a sturdy attachment to the frame
  • Individual switches for each motor


CFM 258
Waterlift 100
Voltage 110 Volt
Weight 108 Lbs
Filter Cleaning Manual
L X W X D 28" X 18" X 55"