Industrial Wet Vacuum

Make job site slurry and water clean-up easy with our wet/slurry vacuum. Our 110V walk-behind WVX vac designed for concrete slurry cleanup features a 32-inch U-shaped squeegee that efficiently collects water and slurry from the edges and guides it to the center of the vacuum port to minimize or eliminate spillover. Fewer passes are required to achieve a clean, dry surface without the need to re-vacuum row edges.

Like all our DiamaPro Systems equipment, the WVX features a durable frame for tough job site use and large, sturdy casters for excellent maneuverability. This machine is lightweight and easy to load and unload. The ergonomic handle design provides operators with complete and easy control. DiamaPro Systems equipment, accessories, and tooling are designed with the contractor in mind!

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WVX Wet Vacuum

WVX Wet Vacuum

Make job site slurry and water clean up easy with our WVX wet vac!