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DiamaPro Systems’ SVX2A HEPA Filtered Dust Extractor is a 110V vacuum that is the perfect complement for use with walk-behind saws, small to mid-size planetary floor grinders, and hand tools. Dual 110-volt motors deliver an extremely high theoretcal performance of 258 CFM and 100 inches of water lift.This machine features automatic pulsing filter cleaning in congruence with the other automatic models. Weighing only 108 lbs., it is easy to load/unload at job sites, and its rugged frame is expressly designed for the construction environment. Large, sturdy 6-inch caster and easy-grip front handles ensure complete maneuverability.

Automatic Features

  • Filters clean without ever stopping suction
  • Easy-grip front handles
  • Large, sturdy 6-inch casters
  • Continuous bag dust collection system
  • Durable frame


CFM 258
Waterlift 100
Voltage 110 Volts
Weight 108 Lbs
Filter Cleaning Automatic
L X W X D 28" X 18" X 55"