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DiamaPro 3 Motor, Automatic, Self Pulsing Dust Collector 110V OR 220V, 30A Distribution

DiamaPro SVX3+A-110

The SVX3+A is the most advanced 110v dust collector available. The easy-to-maintain system automatically cleans the filters allowing for continuous working time, and long-term durability. This model has new features and updated machine specifications. The infinity bag dust collection system minimizes operator exposure to collected dust particles. The SVX3+A utilizes a front basket for the storage of tools and accessories. The hose attaches to the vacuum using a camlock system creating a sturdy connection.

DiamaPro SVX3-A-220

This powerful dust extractor delivers an incredible theoretical 350 CFM and 100 inches of water lift, making it ideal for any mid to large-sized grinder. The SVX3-A-220 features three motors with HEPA filters for each unit. Automatic filter cleaning technology ensures constant operation without any stop in suction. This dust extractor features large 6-inch casters and a robust frame.

Automatic Features

  • Filters clean without ever stopping suction
  • Easy-grip front handles
  • Large, sturdy 6-inch casters
  • Continuous bag dust collection system
  • Durable frame
  • Front storage basket

Comes with:

  • Hose and Connections
    • 33ft 3" antistatic hose
    • 2 qty. 2.5” female camlock
    • 3" to 2” soft cuff
    • (additional hose sizes, camlocks, and soft cuffs available)
  • Customizable Floor Tool
    • 2" diameter wand and various options of brushes and squeegees


    Theoretical CFM 285
    Theoretical Waterlift 80
    Voltage 110 Volt
    Weight 183 Lbs
    Meets Hepa Filter Standards Yes
    Filter Type ULPA 15 + PTFE
    Filter Cleaning Automatic
    Number of Motors 3
    L X W X D 31" X 25" X 54"
    CFM 330
    Waterlift 100
    Voltage 220 Volt
    Weight 183 Lbs
    Filter Cleaning Automatic
    L X W X D 30" X 24" X 55"