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Diama-Cut will reduce the amount of time spent obtaining the desired level of aggregate exposure, shortening the overall cutting time along with extending the life of the tooling.

When using DiamaPro® Diama-Cut, the produced slurry solids are lifted away from the substrate, leaving an easier to clean surface for the next diamond step to cut more efficiently. This keeps the slurry solids from interfering with the diamonds’ ability to cut, increasing efficiency and reducing total clean up time between steps.

Coverage rate is approximately 750-1500 sq ft/gal


  • On all wet polishing projects when exposing aggregate.
  • On the 1st and/or 2nd wet grinding steps.
  • Reduces scratches caused by contaminated slurry created during lower-grit diamond tooling steps.
  • Makes clean-up easier between the early grinding steps.
  • Lifts slurry solids away from the surface allowing for faster grinding and increased productivity.
  • Extends the life of the diamond tooling and reduces grinding and clean-up time.
  • Reduces labor and tooling costs.
  • Works on new or existing concrete.
  • Compatible with floors to be treated with DiamaPro® densifiers, dyes and protective treatments.