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Compatible with HTC® grinders. Available in various grits and bonds: Extra Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard Bonds

Use the round button tools for cementitious coating removal and double segment tools with heavier machines - 25-inch and up.

Part Number Grit Concrete Type
DT-WB-2BUT-HC-1820 18/20 Grit Hard Concrete
DT-WB-2BUT-HC-3040 30/40 Grit Hard Concrete
DT-WB-2BUT-HC-6080 60/80 Grit Hard Concrete
DT-WB-2BUT-HC-120150 120/150 Grit Hard Concrete
Part Number Grit Concrete Type
DT-WB-2BUT-MC-1820 18/20 Grit Medium Concrete
DT-WB-2BUT-MC-3040 30/40 Grit Medium Concrete
DT-WB-2BUT-MC-6080 60/80 Grit Medium Concrete
DT-WB-2BUT-MC-120150 120/150 Grit Medium Concrete
Part Number Grit Concrete Type
DT-WB-2BUT-SC-1820 18/20 Grit Soft Concrete
DT-WB-2BUT-SC-3040 30/40 Grit Soft Concrete
DT-WB-2BUT-SC-6080 60/80 Grit Soft Concrete
DT-WB-2BUT-SC-120150 120/150 Grit Soft Concrete