Slurry Sponge

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Slurry Sponge is a proprietary economical blend of drying polymers and bentonite clays. This slurry solidification agent can be used with water, water/cement slurry, silt, and many water-borne paints that require disposal in a solid form. DIAMAPRO® Slurry Sponge captures the solids component of the slurry allowing the water to evaporate over time reducing disposable weight.


  • Solidifies immediately after it is induced into the liquid mixture
  • Forms a very stable, non-flowing solid once combined with the liquid mixture
  • Enhanced polymer blend formulated to produce an easy to manage concrete slurry solid once mixed
  • Adds less than 3% by volume to the final solid mixture reducing hauling costs
  • Absorbs 200-300 times is own weight in wastewater
  • Non-leaching formulation accelerates liquid evaporation once disposed of properly
  • Helps solidified waste pass Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure (TCLP) EPA Method 1311
  • Helps pass EPA 9095B paint filter test for compliant landfill disposal
  • Captures the solids component of the slurry allowing the water to evaporate reducing overall weight over time
  • Solidified slurry will pass the EPA – TCLP and paint filter test allowing for compliant disposal into landfill.
  • Coverage rate is approximately 1 pound for every 5-10 gallons of slurry
Available In: Part Number:
35LB Bucket DP-SLURRY35
Containment Bag DT-SLURRY-BAG