UV Coatings

DiamaPro® Systems' UV-HS Plus offers exceptional abrasion resistance, service life, and ease of maintenance. It can be cured instantly upon exposure to ultraviolet light and can be applied with minimal interruption of service during remodeling or restoration projects. In addition, UV-HS Plus brings exceptional efficiency to businesses looking to minimize downtime; the system can be applied, and the floor returned to service overnight or in an eight hour shift. 

DiamaPro UV-HS Plus is ideal for use on heavily trafficked floors in industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, food service, malls, and other commercial operations. It offers substantial reduction in marring from forklifts, pallet movers and other material handling equipment, has excellent adhesion properties, and is highly resistant to weathering, abrasion, and chemical corrosion attack. The coating is impervious to chemicals present in the working environment and in cleaning agents. 

DiamaPro UV-HS Plus is a single component, ultraviolet light cured, low VOC aliphatic urethane that is highly water and chemical resistant and adheres exceptionally well directly to concrete and other resinous flooring materials. It’s easy to apply, easy to cure and drastically reduces downtime. There is no more effective or efficient concrete protection process.

During Application

DiamaPro Systems UV-HS is a strong, durable finish.

DiamaPro has a reinforced layer of urethane acrylate polymer to ensure maximum durability. The ultraviolet light curing process instantly transforms DiamaPro Systems UV-HS liquid into a completely cured, microscopically cross-linked, diamond-hard finish. DiamaPro Systems UV-HS is three times more durable than standard chemically cured epoxy or urethane. It offers excellent chemical and stain resistance, and the water clear finish offers very good distinctness of image (DOI) for a clear coating.

7 During

DiamaPro Systems UV-HS eliminates cure time.

DiamaPro Systems UV-HS cures instantly under ultraviolet light. Curing time downtime is virtually eliminated. A floor is back in full service immediately after curing. DiamaPro Systems UV-HS is applied directly to the floor and curing is done with an appropriately sized HID Ultraviolet machine. 

DiamaPro Systems UV-HS has the versatility for an array of applications

DiamaPro Systems UV-HS is resistant to automotive, industrial, food and cleaning chemicals, and is ideal for a variety of applications including supermarkets, warehouses, manufacturing and industrial operations, automotive service areas, vehicle showrooms, aerospace operations, and health care and lab facilities. 

DiamaPro Systems UV-HS is environmentally safe and requires minimal maintenance

The amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in DiamaPro Systems UV-HS is far below state and federal required limits. There are no lingering odors or adverse health effects from the UV cured floor coating. And only routine scrubbing, sweeping, dusting or mopping are required to maintain the DiamaPro Systems UV-HS surface. 

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Easy to Apply

DiamaPro Systems UV-HS is a single-component protective coating—no mixing of multiple components is required, and errors resulting from improper mixing ingredients are eliminated. The aliphatic urethane coating contains a photo-initiator that acts as a catalyst when exposed to ultraviolet light for instant curing. 

The floor can return to full service immediately after installation, enabling the process to be done in nightly phases without interruption to daytime use.

Surfaces are prepared following standard procedures as required: stripping, repairing, grinding, vacuuming and auto-scrubbing. DiamaPro Systems UV-HS is applied directly to the floor, spread with a squeegee, and back-rolled. Curing is performed with an HID Ultraviolet light machine selected according to area size and desired speed.