UV-Cured Coatings and Materials

UV-cured floor coatings provide numerous benefits to industrial, commercial and even residential facilities. UV coatings are extremely durable, chemical and abrasion resistant, and will not crack or peel when exposed to heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

At DiamaPro Systems, we understand that not all markets can afford to close for floor rejuvenation. With our UV-cured floor coatings, the floor can be immediately returned to service after curing with an ultraviolet light source. For medical and healthcare facilities, food processing facilities, and many others, this immediate curing and no downtime for the coating to try, this is a game changer.

What sets our UV-cured floor coatings apart is the Microban product protection within our UV-HS Plus. With Microban technology, UV-HS Plus is an antimicrobial coating that inhibits bacterial growth on product surfaces. Microban product protection keeps your flooring investment cleaner between routine cleanings by preventing problems before they start.

DiamaPro UV-HS Plus is ideal for use on heavily trafficked floors in industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, food service, malls, and other commercial operations. It offers substantial reduction in marring from forklifts, pallet movers and other material handling equipment, has excellent adhesion properties, and is highly resistant to weathering, abrasion, and chemical corrosion attack. The coating is impervious to chemicals present in the working environment and in cleaning agents.

DiamaPro UV-HS Plus is a single component, ultraviolet light cured, low VOC aliphatic urethane that is highly water and chemical resistant and adheres exceptionally well directly to concrete and other resinous flooring materials. It’s easy to apply, easy to cure and drastically reduces downtime. There is no more effective or efficient concrete protection process.